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Strategic Benefits Advisors * (SBA)

Health & Welfare Information

Optimizing Employee Benefits ... By Design

The SBA Process That Yields Results

SBA promotes a process that continues throughout the year and provides continuity and confidence across the years. It is this process that ensures that your plan is comprehensive and meets all your corporate objectives. It is this process that monitors performance and allows adjustments to meet market dynamics without surprise.

Rethinking Benefit Solutions

The substantial investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns that offer the greatest benefit to your company and your employees. SBA has the breadth of expertise to assess your company's needs and the depth of resources to implement a plan structured to meet those needs. Together, we can ensure your employee benefits investment is poised for optimum return.

Extending Your HR Team

Working in collaboration with your Human Resources team, we will enhance your employee benefits, deliver data analytics and wellness services and improve employee communication in order to improve recruitment efforts and reduce turnover. Throughout the process, we provide the best possible value for your investment in employee benefits.

Comprehensive Solutions

We work closely with a large group of insurance carriers and administrators. Their collective offerings span a broad range of benefits with a depth of choices. As a consulting broker, your dedicated SBA team will identify and recommend options from these numerous offerings to create an integrated, comprehensive solution that matches the uniqueness and strategies of your organization.

Benefits Strategies

Incremental vs. Comprehensive Long-Term Solutions

Eighty percent of all companies experienced health care cost increases last year. The glimmer of good news is that twenty percent held their costs, meaning that there are ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat. Most companies have relied on traditional interventions and taken incremental steps such as increasing co-pays, deductibles and employee contributions. These remedies merely add temporary financial relief at the expense of employee perception and satisfaction. We want to work with you on a more comprehensive, long-term approach that re-thinks your entire benefits strategy and helps repair and improve the realities and perceptions of your plan.

Attacking Benefit Costs multiple ways

Our team approaches your benefits plan from several directions at once. Our initial analysis and any recommendations will include a thorough look at:

By considering all these factors and more, our experts will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that is specific to your company's needs. You will receive the highest possible benefit for your employees while staying within your budget. Our intention is to maximize the return on your benefits investment continuously, not for just the current year.

Wellness and Disease Management

An excellent example of our comprehensive analysis is considering wellness and disease management programs. This is a proactive strategy with a double benefit of helping contain plan costs while promoting healthier lifestyles for your employees. Plan performance becomes more predictable and employees are more satisfied. Constant employee education and communication goes hand-in-hand with wellness management. Your Benefits solutions team will help you with this important function as well.

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